FILLRATE100 helps making one decision: what to send to where and when.

                                      FILLRATE100 automates this decision for each SKU at each location of your supply chain.

                                      A regular day running FILLRATE100:

                                      • There are one or more uploads of stock and transit for the SKU-Locations.

                                      • There is one data submission with the suggested replenishment quantities. This is done by email and leaving a file to be retrieved via SFTP.

                                      • The company should replenish all the items according to the suggestions.

                                      Note that there is no manual intervention in FILLRATE100 for this to happen.

                                      However, you may be interested in using FILLRATE100 interface for several reasons. In this section we can explore some of them.

                                      It is good practice to review from time to time several settings for the SKU-Locations.
                                      Creation of new SKU-Locations may cause some of them to have incorrect settings. The most frequent incorrect settings are:

                                      1. Replenishment frequency
                                      If this is not set correctly, daily mails to suggest replenishment will not filter the right set of SKU-Locations.

                                      2. Transit time
                                      This is not critical, however this information affects the dynamics of buffer adjustments. If actual transit time is much longer than configured, adjustments may be oscillating. And if much shorter, then adjustments will be much slower than desired.

                                      3. Unit cost
                                      This information is optional, hoowever when it is incorrect, reports of consolidated inventories may not reflect the actual position or evolution.

                                      4. Origin
                                      When origin for a SKU-Location is another location within your company, it is advisable to set it exactly with the same value as the corresponding location. Doing so will allow FILLRATE100 to check stock at origin when this feature is enabled (see parameters in configuration).
                                      In Current Status, the column 'All locations' has a clickable symbol to display all the locations where that SKU has a positive stock, along with its buffer.
                                      In Current Status, when you click on any item, in the section SKU Data, 'Show Equivalent SKUs' is clickable to display all the equivalent SKUs for that SKU.
                                      Note: Stock and transit is only available for the SKU-Location but not for its equivalents.